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Warren PassOne Way 5.0 miles, 1480 feet

A very nice day hike up the Maloney Basin to one of the best non-lake destinations in the AP Wilderness. Can be a loop or out and back. Note: The last 1.5 miles before the pass, including the pass, burned in the terrible 2017 Montana fires - don't let that deter you. Sadly, the little lake a mile below the pass burned, so it is not quite what it was.


You start at the same trailhead as Carpp Lake, but when you reach the first junction just a quarter mile in, turn left, not right.  (You can do this hike counter-clockwise, but I prefer this direction.) The first mile or two is uneventful, but once you reach the junction to Cutaway Pass, the scenery keeps getting better and better.  (This junction is a nice spot to rest.  There is a camp site, and the creek is close by.  The trail up to Cutaway Pass gets you into some of the highest, roughest terrain in the Pintlers.)

About a mile before the pass there is a small, shallow lake that is actually quite scenic.  This could make a nice campsite for an easy overnighter.  From here the trail makes its final ascent to Warren Pass.  Unlike most other named passes here, this one is really just a saddle between drainages.  Because of this, you can make this a loop hike by continuing on to the Carpp Lakes, then back to the trailhead.  The Pass features some large boulders, White Bark Pines, and often Clark’s Nutcrackers.  Some maps show a small pond about 250 feet above the pass - this could make a nice little scramble.

Getting There

Drive 6 miles south of Philipsburg on Highway 1.  Turn right on Skalkaho Pass Pass Road.  Drive 6 more miles, turn left toward East Fork Reservoir on East Fork Road, just before the mile marker 48.  Drive 6 miles to the reservoir, cross the dam, and drive 12 miles more on 5141 to the trailhead.  There are stock ramps, hitching posts, and strawberry plants and that’s about it.

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