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Warren LakeOne Way 9.5 miles, 2500 feet

A long overnighter to what may be the most scenic lake in the wilderness. Especially nice campsites.


Though the total elevation is less than 3000 feet, it is backloaded, so you want to be in pretty good shape for this one.

The first few miles are flat and fairly open, but once you cross the Wilderness Boundary the trail starts to climb gradually. About 2.5 miles from the lake is the junction with the trail to Rainbow Lake, which I think is 3 miles west, but I haven’t done it myself.  As you gain distance and elevation the drainage narrows.  This is especially pretty country.  You climb some switchbacks to the top of the saddle above the lake, then make a small descent to the shores of the lake.

The lake is large and especially beautiful.  Much of the shoreline is wide and fairly open with scattered large trees.  We were there in mid-September and got some snow that night.  We had planned to do a day trip to Rainbow Lake, but the weather was getting worse, so we hiked out.  I am definitely looking forward to doing this again.  I think doing this as a point to point going out via either Rainbow and Johnson Lakes or via spectacular Cutaway Pass would make a great trip though it would require a serious car shuttle.

Getting There

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