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Boulder LakeOne Way 5.0 miles, 1500 feet

A great combination of being close to Missoula, but relatively easy to get to a wilderness lake.


The beginning of the hike is only OK. You cross a pretty substantial creek (tricky in June); and a clearcut.  After a couple of miles, you begin the ascent. It’s steady, but not too steep. There’s a trail to a lookout just after you cross a saddle, and before you being the descent to the lake itself. From here, you get a very nice view of the lake, and you don’t have to climb out of the lake hole.  The hike down to the lake is fairly steep switchbacks.  We’ve been here three times - once to the lookout; once in June when we lost the trail in the snow; and once later in the season, when we actually made it. I’m still not sure the hike down and back up from the lake is worth it, but it’s nice to have done it once.

Getting There

From Highway 200, take a left onto Gold Creek Road.  Follow the signs to West Fork Gold Creek.  It’s about 1 hour 15 minute from Misssoula.

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