Maddie's Trails | A collection of quality hiking trails in Western Montana.

Maddie's Trails

About Maddie's Trails

Maddie's Trails is a collection of trails in western Montana to honor the memory, and celebrate the life of Madison, our beloved Yellow Lab.

Maddie's Trails is not meant to be an authoritative, comprehensive trail guide. We are notes in the margins, favorite photos, some readings from the GPS or altimeter watch, and sometimes fuzzy memories. We are no substitute for one of the fine publications that cover these same trails.

All trails include a description, rating, one-way distance unless it's a loop, approximate elevation gain, and trailhead directions. All destinations are shown on a Google map. Some trails have a GPX track, and some even have an elevation profile in the InfoWindow. Here is an example.

And now a disclaimer. Though we strive to be accurate, pretty much everything on Maddie's Trails is an estimate or an approximation or is subjective. We encourage you to cross-check everything before you hit the trail. Consult the printed map, read a more detailed description in your favorite book, and call the appropriate ranger station. Maddie's Trails is intended to be an interesting starting point, not the final word.

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